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Spiritual Music Through the Ages

EXULTATE – to rejoice and give praise!  The album title is derived from W.A. Mozart’s work Exultate, Jubilate. Here are 22 vocal music selections that span from a 12th century liturgical chant, to oratorio arias, choral anthems, Filipino sacred hymns, gospel ballads and spirituals.  Proudly featuring a host of Canadian musicians, and recorded at several locations in Ontario by various sound engineers, this album is for the Glory of God.  May this album inspire all to an exuberant worship!

1. O Aeterne Deus
2. Teach Me, O Lord
3. Ave Verum Corpus
4. O Nata Lux
5. Lauda Sion, Salvatorem
6. Quia Respexit
7. Let The Bright Seraphim
8. Alleluia
9. Ubi Caritas
10. Ave Maria
11. Brother James’ Air
12. Ride the Chariot
13. Siya Ang Nagpapatawad
14. Tunay Kang Maganda, O Maria
15. Ama Namin
16. The Lord Bless You and Keep You
17. The Storm is Passing Over
18. Amazing Grace
19. I Believe
20. May God Bless You and Keep You
21. Peace Prayer
22. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot When the Saind Come Marchin’ In