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BLOSSOM is an inspiring collection of popular and newly composed songs.  Here are some of my favourite songs for you, from unique arrangements of Beatles tunes, to delightful new art songs, and Broadway songs excitingly reworked!

They come into full bloom with the help of dear friends who coaxed my heart’s voice to flower. My gratitude to Jeffrey Round for the subtle fragrances of his lovely songs, created for me to interpret into being.

Thanks to Mike Freedman, not only for his fine guitar playing, but also for magically finding the nuances in sound that shaped this entire album. Kudos to Joshua Tamayo for his excellent piano playing and arrangement of songs, and to Jude and Bradley Villareal for adding original grooves.

I lovingly dedicate BLOSSOM to you all, and most especially for my beloved ones who inspire me to grow and radiate.

Lilac Caña: Blossom: A Portrait of Lilac Caña

1. Blackbird – Lennon-McCartney
2. Over The Rainbow – Harold Arlen
3. Dear PrudenceLennon-McCartney
4. The Impossible Dream – Mitch Leigh
5. Gold – Frank Wildhorn
6. When Autumn Comes Frank Wildhorn
7. Araby – Jeffrey Round
8. The Rose Family  – Jeffrey Round
9. VioletsJeffrey Round
10. Sunflower Sutra – Jeffrey Round
11. Don’t Rain On My Parade – Jule Styne
12. A Piece of SkyMichel Legrand